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Wisconsin Fire & EMS Memorial
PO Box 248
Wisconsin Rapids, WI


Welcome to the Internet home of the Wisconsin Fire & EMS Memorial Park.  Please take time to look around at all the points of interest we have provided.  Just follow the links and enjoy the tour. We encourage you to tell others about this site and to make plans to visit Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin to see the Park in person. Please respect the sanctity of these hallowed grounds.

Our Mission

The mission of the WFEM, Inc. is to establish and maintain a memorial honoring all first responders in the State of Wisconsin, recognizing not only those who have given their lives as the ultimate sacrifice, but also to honor those who have and continue to, serve their respective communities. 


Every year approximately one hundred firefighters die in the line of duty in the United States.  The Wisconsin Fire & EMS Memorial Board of Directors has chosen to provide a unique and lasting way to pay tribute to first responders from the State of Wisconsin who have made this ultimate sacrifice while in service to their communities. This tribute has taken the form of a Memorial Park dedicated to preserving their memory. 

The vision of the WFEM was to create a park with a natural and scenic setting to house a memorial to our firefighting heroes from across this great State of Wisconsin. The serenity of the setting allows park visitors to be alone with their thoughts and emotions and at the same time realize that their loves one will never be forgotten.

At the memorial and park we pay tribute to all the first responders in this state, recognizing not only those who have given their lives as the ultimate sacrifice, but also honor those who have and continue to serve their respective communities.

On April 16, 1996, the Governor Tommy G.Thompson signed into law legislation designating Wisconsin Rapids as the site of the Wisconsin State Firefighters Memorial.

Governor Thompson said.  "The State Firefighters Memorial is a tremendous project that will make sure we never forget the courage, bravery and dedication of our firefighters.  And Wisconsin Rapids is an ideal location for the memorial because of its central location in the state."

With the city chosen, the Wisconsin State Firefighters Memorial Board of Directors set about finding a suitable existing park in the city to house the memorial.  They placed the utmost importance on peaceful locations without high traffic or an industrial image.  After a careful examination of the sites in the area, the memorial committee selected Ben Hansen Park on the southwest side of the city. 

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